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How Ecommerce SEO Consulting works

Ecommerce SEO can be a complex beast to grasp. Most E-Commerce SEO Service still rely heavily on Comment SPAM and just tossing tons of irrelevant links from “PR” sites to the website. As you can gather I am not a fan of this as besides clearly being web spam the results are not all that good. In the following paragraphs I like to share with you what my approach is.

The first thing that I like to know is what product has the biggest margin and still a high search volume. When I find these items the search results are often not all that good and the owner would say the demand is not there. The funny thing here is the owner looks at demand at the sales level. That is the same as saying this product doesn’t sell well when it is not on the sales floor. The first few of these items can bring in a large Return On Investment and allow the company to reinvest that in resurrecting the other terms. This allows for a strong growth spur for online sales.

How to measure ROI of SEO and PPC

This can be done in so many different ways, that ROI figures can differ more than 200% by just the way how you look at things. So let me explain you the correct way: My way
Basic ROI rules are simple if you spend &pound 1 a get &pound 2 return you have a 200% ROI (That means 100% is breaking even) Now to put this in product level spend &pound 1 to sell something for &pound 2 might not be worth the effort as the profit margin in the product might be only 50 pence. From a distance it might make sense but in the end it will hurt your business.
For that reason I like to look at the profit margin of a product before a decision is made to market it.

The main problem with most Ecommerce sites

You see it all over the internet most sites just copy paste data from the manufacturer in the description copy paste some specifications and move on to the next product. Duplicate content is a serious issue in Ecommerce and just fixing the on page content, meaning adding more content, can boost rankings dramatically. Most sites don’t start with taking their own photos of products and write their own product descriptions. For a SEO Consultant having contact with the Site developer to know what can be done and coming with a action plan that tries to get most On page SEO problems solved with the least amount of manual labour is key.

Type of Content

Content can be there to sell a product, inform the buyer or just be there for SEO. Yes I said it content just for SEO can make sense if a site has enough of the other two. This is usually one of the easiest once to fix. Not the ideal scenario as that would be writing good SEO sales copy and taking pictures of every product but that can take a year if you sell 6,000 products. Again there is no harm in following bet practices for the products with the best margins. With most shops the 80/20 rule applies as well. Where 20% of the products creates 80% of the revenue. Knowing this you should not feel overwhelmed with a task such as creating better content as it can be a gradual process.

Optimising a Ecommerce site for Search

As you probably understand from the content above optimising a site for search can take a while and requires product knowledge and preferably even access to the products. For that reason with most of my ecommerce clients I train a in house staff member to do the task off content creation and work closely with them guide them through the process and me and my team do concentrate more on the off page SEO part. Most of my clients also manage their PPC themselves usually it is this PPC Manager that I train for the SEO content creation. As I also provide training in AdWords mastery if there is no such staff member we can create one if there is place within the company.
For smaller e-commerce sites with almost no staff the method used for fixing the on page SEO really depends on the CMS used, but a solution will be found.

Feel free to contact me and discover if I can be your Ecommerce SEO Expert and remember your business doesn’t need to be London based.

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