Improve Your Rankings

Improve Your Rankings

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

The goal of search engines is to show the best matching websites in the results to the person’s search query. The phases that a person types in a search bar are called keywords. If a keyword is not mentioned once on a website, a search engine cannot determine that the website can match the query. 

It is also essential to target the relevant keywords that have search volume. For example, most websites already rank #1 on Google for the website or the business name, though not many people will search for those keywords. This is why Search Engine Optimisation starts with detailed keyword research to identify keywords the business needs to rank for.

Check Your Page Ranking

There are many tools that you can use to check your page ranking. We mainly use the ProRank tracker. However, the cheapest and easiest way to check your page ranking is by googling the keywords yourself and finding your website. 

Make sure you are not logged into a Google account when searching for a chosen keyword or open a new incognito window if your browser allows it. Then search for a keyword and check the page number your website appears on.

Keyword Research

The primary tool we use for the keyword research is the Google Keyword Planner (simply google “Google Keyword Planner”). There you can also see how many searches a specific keyword has on a monthly basis. Note: change the setting from Broad to Exact for better results.

How to Pick your Main Keyword

Let’s review an example. A wedding photographer in South London would probably like to rank for a photographer. However, this keyword is too general and will attract many non-local searchers, making it hard to convert the website visitors. Therefore, ranking for wedding photographer london would make more sense as this will convert visitors from London.

When looking at the search volume for each keyword, remember that the number shows the searches per month, not the number of people that searched. For example, keyword wedding photographer london can be searched by the same individual more than once, or even multiple people looking for a photographer for the same wedding (e.g. bride, groom, bride’s made, etc.). While keyword emergency dentist richmond most likely will be searched by one person only once. 

Local SEO expert London Google Keyword tool usage
Basic Local Keyword Research with the Google Keyword Planner

Are you Popular?

Another critical factor in improving your search engine ranking is the number of other websites pointing to yours. This is a sign for search engines that your site has some authority. 

The easiest way to start is non paid directory submission. 

The next step is actively commenting on blogs and forums, providing people with relevant and valuable advice, and if you can leave your website link that will send traffic to your website and in return will gain trust with the search engines showing them that your website is relative to selected keywords.

Page Position in Search Engine Ranking

SEO Expert - Traffic by Rank
Who gets the clicks

Everyone always talks about being on the first page of Google. However, the amount of traffic differs on the position a website has on the first page. 

  • Position one gets about 42% of the traffic
  • Position five around 5% 
  • Position ten receives less than 3%
  • The whole page two gets about 10% combined

Therefore moving from position five to position 4 will add a lot of traffic. 

However, you must remember that the search engine ranking also depends on the SEO efforts of the competition. Therefore there can never be a guarantee that a ranking will stay the same day after day. 

That’s why we advise ranking for many keywords and, even better, rank multiple web properties, such as Google organic search results, Google My Business listing, Google AdWords, for the exact keywords. Nothing is more fun than competing with yourself.