Local SEO vs Global SEO

Local SEO vs Global SEO

Let’s talk about the differences between Local SEO and Global SEO. This article was last updated in December 2020 to bring it up to date. 

Local SEO is Less Competitive than Global

We will start with an example: local businesses, such as plumbers in London, do not have to worry about a Manchester plumber’s SEO strategy. That said, with over 3,000 plumbers in London, the competition is still fierce. 

Your Local SEO consultant should always include Google My Business listing in their SEO strategy. Adding your business website in a mix with Google My Business will mean that your business will have 2 places on page one of Google. And if 2 places are not enough, we can help you add AdWords campaign management which will allow you to build up to 5 web properties for your business on page one.

Local Means a Smaller Market

The definition of Local depends on your type of business. A hairdresser in the Isle of Dogs has no competition with a Hair salon in Westminster, where a roofer in South London might still have some competition with a roofer in North London. 

Knowing what your target market uses as a search query is vital to your SEO strategy. Local keyword research is far more complex than general keyword research as searches are spread throughout North, South, East and West and spread out over the London Boroughs and Wards. This is where a local Local SEO expert comes in handy.

It is Not About Backlinks Anymore

SEO used to be all about backlinks (the links from other websites to your website). Luckily it is no longer the case. The search engines now know that the authority for a local business cannot be measured by links. They also know that someone is trying to game the system when a website receives 5,000 backlinks in a month for a keyword that only gets 110 exact searches per month. With local search optimisation, the SEO consultant needs to be careful with building backlinks.

Good Website Equals Good Business

Having a website is not enough anymore. Having a website that converts visitors is paramount for SEO. 

It might be more difficult for local businesses to add enough relevant content to a website to keep visitors engaged for quicker conversion. A blog post is an excellent way to add more relevant and valuable content to a website. Quality content is an essential step in both forms of Search Engine Optimisation.

Location, Location, Local

Local SEO becomes challenging when the business serves multiple towns or cities. Now it is crucial to optimise a whole website for all desired locations. Compared to Global SEO, where the location is less critical, Local search is highly reliant on location in Google My Business listing and the search query.

Targeted PPC is easy

Although PPC is not part of SEO, we would like to cover it. One of the great options in Local Pay Per Click is selecting a radius or town where the ads can be displayed. 

This feature makes Pay Per Click an easy first step into search marketing. However, the simplicity of AdWords created, in some areas, an unprofitable marketing option due to the high volume of businesses using AdWords that drives the cost per click through the roof. For example, plumber london PPC costs about £15 per click. 

For businesses like that, starting with SEO will be a better option.