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What is Local SEO

Local SEO is ranking sites for local terms such as: “Plumber London“. Most businesses only serve a local area and thus have less benefit from ranking for a more general term as “Plumber”. In big cities such as London this can go much deeper than just the city name, think of searches than are targeted at a more specific location: “.. Wimbledon” or “.. SE1” up to tube station level. How precise you need it to be depends on how wide your service area is and how local your consumer wants your service.

Is Local SEO easier?

One thing that local SEO has as and advantage is that you have less competition. Still As long as your Local competition is more then ten you might not get page one results by doing nothing. In London a lot of businesses would still benefit from ranking for “your service London” The trick to get faster results and build up towards this term is to target smaller locations. Often competition for these terms is less and there is a fair change that it is also less strong meaning that first results will come in for these terms. At the same time you build up your site for the bigger terms, it just takes longer to reach these results.

What about non local terms?

In the UK London has the bigger businesses that can spend more. In general your competition will be fairly large and strong. So much that once you start out performing your competition and become the authority in your niche in London it is only a small step to take the UK by storm. If your business can only serve London ranking for terms that are non Local can make sense as some people simply search for non local terms. The benefit with London being so big is that often over 10% of those searches are from people in London.

Google Map Listings

The extra place in ranking: Google My Business/Google Map listings/7-pack/Google Places can give you the best converting traffic your will get from local listings. Although these listings do not always show up and their size can be from one single listing to a 7 pack they are a great thing to go after. since the end of 2014 ranking for these terms actually require you to have a site with authority to all ready rank on page 1 in the organic listing. This makes ranking your listing more of a extra on top of normal SEO if you want to have faith that results will come in.

Why local terms are better anyway

Even if you serve the entire UK. If your services are searched locally you will find that all local terms put together have far more searches than just those few non local terms. And a person looking for a local service is actually really looking for a service versus someone just looking for a picture of a plumber or a Wikipedia description of the service.

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