Reach out with Old Visitors

93% of website visitors do not return

A shocking statistic, perhaps, but one to think about. After all, how often do you return to websites you found online? The trick to attracting more previous visitors is remarketing.

What is remarketing?

Without any doubt, you were a receiver of remarketing at least once in the past. Whenever you looked up a product on, for example, Amazon, for the following few weeks, your browser would show you ads of that same product.

How does it work?

If your website’s visitors left without buying anything, they might still need your product or service. As part of remarketing, they will be reminded about your website and your product or service via remarketing ads for a few weeks, until most likely they will take action (e.g. fill in a call to action form or buy a product). If they filled in a form, you could now follow up with emails and a more direct approach.

So why is it that you don’t have this yet?

Even if you don’t run Google AdWords (Ads) or have an SEO campaign running, you need to find the best approach to convert your old website visitors. If your website is structured well, you can do amazing things with it. To be fair, if you never set up an AdWords Campaign setting up a more advanced remarketing campaign might be a better approach. Then, move on to do the Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Done for You

We care about businesses being marketing savvy and using the internet to grow their business. We offer a few options to get you started using simple remarketing guidance to ensure it is all set up to complement your AdWords Campaigns. Contact us and mention remarketing and any other business requirements, and we will get back to you with the details of how we can help your business grow.