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As I guess you are in need for SEO for your website. Let me start of with being direct and show you what the best thing is to do, as you need to know basic SEO to hire an Search Engine Optimiser. Keywords (search phrases) are the things that make SEO tick. You would be surprised at how some long tail keywords (multiple words in the search phrase) can still be really hard to rank for as the competition is fierce and plenty full while some other keywords might receive far more traffic and are left wide open, meaning no page is properly optimised for it. Good keyword research should not only reveal which keywords would bring in the most amount of visitors, it also should determine the change of converting those visitors into leads or clients.

Page 1 versus position 1

[img] As every business might want to on page one for tons of keywords the sad fact is that search engines got so good at their job that searchers got lazier throught the years. The number one of the list will receive around 40% of all the traffic, meaning 40% of the searchers will click on this link, while number 5 will receive around 5% of this traffic leaving less then 2% for the tenth place. Position is key. When a site is ranked on the first page for a very competitive keyword it’s position can bounce around resulting in big fluxes of traffic depending on it’s position in the rankings.

Low volume+Easy Ranking = more business

Compare a hard to rank for keyword with 2,000 exact match searches a month that might take 2 months to rank #5 in Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with an easy to rank for keyword with only 500 exact match searches a month a that can be ranked #2 in 2 weeks. Looking at the numbers this means a chance of (2,000*5%) 100 visitors a month for the hard to rank versus the easier and higher to rank for keyword with also a chance of (500*20%) 100 visitors. Of course, the potential is higher with a keyword with more searches the thing is that aiming for a multitude of low competition keywords in the ends helps your site to rank for the hard to rank keywords.

the content of an SEO consult

Besides the obvious: your current status, an SEO consultant should show you how though your competition is and what keywords would give your business the best ROI and what keywords better to ignore. It should also give you a list of high quality backlinks that would help your business to rank the quickest.

why a business in London needs a SEO consultant London

The first focus should be to get an Local SEO expert versus an Global SEO expert as you want your business listed in the Google+ Local listings and need to be very careful with building backlinks. Having a Local Local SEO’er helps when you are trying to attract business in a large city such as London. Here local searches are being split up into boroughs, postcodes and towns a very important fact not to overlook during keyword research. Easiest is to get a local consultant that is aware of this. Do not forget to ask them how they would conduct their keyword research to see if they actually are Local SEO experts.