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I get a lot of questions of business owners that have specific platforms/Content Management Systems systems if I can work with their website? Short answer is actually always Yes. As I have a very long history in web development I know most CMS systems or can solve things in HTML and CSS. So if you have been looking for an SEO Expert for your Wix website you are at the right place.

Can a Wix website Rank?

Yes. Wix is actually set up pretty smoothly and offers all settings to have content optimised for Google and the other Search Engines. Their are a lot of rumours that free accounts do not get indexed and thus would not show up in the search engines. At the moment while writing this article that is just a rumour and as long as you go over the settings well it should not be a problem. You can find the settings here:

No need to transfer your site to WordPress as 70% of SEO Experts would recommend.

Would I advice using Wix for SEO?

This is loose from being an SEO expert. But I see a website as a valuable piece of property to have and as you technically are not in full control and own the hosts and the rest I would ask about the purpose of the website and its eventual value?

So you have a Wix website and need an SEO specialist.

You should be able to hire any SEO Expert to get you to the top of Google, but any Expert that claims they can not rank a Wix website and you need to be on a WordPress platform is clearly not a real Expert.

Can you do SEO yourself?

Any one can do SEO. Just like anyone can build a website or anyone can Cook. With Wix there is a big chance you are a bit more hands on. And the Wix SEO Wizard is an easy nice place to get started. The only thing with SEO is that it can take years to gather all the knowledge to understand what Google is looking for and in my opinion the developers of the wizard were not SEO experts themselves.

What is needed to rank a Wix website

Like I said before the platform should matter as long as you can set meta data as Title and description, can use h1 h2 h3 heading tags, use the alt image description and create anchortexts in the website.

The main two things that Search Engines are looking for is Relevance and Authority. Relevance can easily be create with good on page SEO (the content of the website). If you do not have a lot of competition you do not really need authority. The more competition the more Authority you need. The Wix SEO Wizzard will not help you to create authority this is were Off Page SEO comes in and where you probably need an SEO expert as one wrong move and Google could give you a penalty.

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