SEO Optimization Tips

SEO Optimization Tips

Before you start optimising your website, we would like to share what search engines are trying to do. 

Google’s algorithm selects the most relevant results for a search query, and for general keywords, Google gives you the answer. For example, google 17 usd gbp shows that instead of a website in the first position with a possible solution, Google shows the direct response at the top. 

When searching for a plumber london, Google brings up websites that would match best with that query/keyword, and the website with the strongest authority in Google’s eyes wins. 

Google also recognises plumber as a business and london as a location, hence bringing up Google My Business listings in the top 3 positions. Out of 3,000 plumbers listed in London, it shows the 3 plumbers they believe have the strongest authority, hence the best match. 

SEO is all about leaving a clear footprint for the search engines to find and for them to recognise that your website is the best place to be for a specific search query/keywords. 

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Google SEO Tips

Here is a list of tools and tips that will help your SEO.

  • Select the Right Keywords: use the Google Keyword tool. Find the Google Keyword Tool by simply googling for it. This is an instrument to help and set up AdWords campaigns, and it is also used to select the relevant keywords for an SEO campaign. To use it for SEO purposes, change the settings from broad to exact and change the numbers from comprehensive analysis to similar keywords. The main keyword for a business is always a single phrase; hence you need to know exactly which one has the highest traffic.
  • Google Search Console: Use the Google search console to help you create and submit a sitemap plus a robot.txt. These files allow the search engine crawlers to find all the pages on your website.
  • YouTube: It is the second biggest search engine out there, and video appears more and more in the search results. Make sure the title and description of the video use the relevant keywords.
  • Google Suggest: It is another great help to find more keywords. When you type in something in the search box, you might have noticed Google gives suggestions before you even finish. This is a Google suggestion, and it is a great place to find alternative keywords for your SEO.

SEO Expert shows Google Instant

Top SEO Tips

  • Content is King: It helps to use the relevant text to leave the most evident footprint. You might have noticed how optimization is written in the first header using American spelling. The reason is that there are far more searches for SEO optimization tips than SEO optimisation tips. Using different spelling helps to reach out to people worldwide. Of course, the content needs to read well for people to appreciate it, but at the same time, it needs to contain the right words for Google bots to pick it up.
  • Bring Value: There is a higher chance that a website will be shared online if it gives value. More traffic that does not come from the search engines builds up the website’s authority.
  • Directory Submission: This is the easiest way to add some links to your website. Make sure that you use the same address field structure in all directory submissions and add the business address on the website. Besides being an excellent guide to help people find your business, it builds up a network of links demonstrating Google the type of business you do.
  • Linking Structure: Always add a relevant keyword in the text when leaving a link to your website on external websites. 
  • HTML/CSS Validated: A website with errors in its code does not help its authority. It slows down browsers and impacts Google’s decision to rank it higher.
  • Social Linking: It is now more important than ever to be part of social networks. It is essential to link a website content to social media and making the content easy to share.
  • Add Value to Fora: This is the best way to create backlinks. Answering questions on a forum related to your industry will generate extra traffic. This link will also be visible by the search engines. The key is to be consistent throughout the year and not just do it for one week.