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SEO SEM What is the difference?

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a term first used to include PPC (pay per click) advertising with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). A Logical decision as still 20% of clicks on a normal SERP (search Engine Result Page) go to the Advertised links like Google AdWords. Thus, in order to have more presence on page one, a business should still be interested in running PPC campaigns. With the increased importance of social media on the search engine results, Social Media Management got added to SEM.

SEO AdWords Ad

ADWords PPC in SEM with Reputation shown by AdWords Seller rating


SEO SEM for page domination

Most people might not directly want to admit it as domination does not come with a positive vibe, but who would not prefer to dominate the search results with multiple web properties over just being on page one with 1 link. When you only have 1 link on the SERP, for your chosen keyword, there are still at least 19 other business competing with yours. SEM is the easiest way to start your domination campaign just by adding a PPC campaign to your strategy. Of course, it matters a lot where on the SERP your link appears, just adding one link at least pushes of 1 competitor away and does increase your total amount of visitors.

Social Media in SEO SEM

Facebook Ads made easy

Facebook Ads

When Social Media is Managed and Optimised for SEO it automatically is part of Search Engine Marketing. It Depends highly on your business model and the customers your business is after what Social Media channel works best. Video Marketing, not Facebook, is at the moment the first place to go after for your SEO SEM as video result already pop-up in the Search Engine Result Pages. Using video in conjunction with Twitter, Google+ and Facebook will truly help to build a strong following. Do not forget that Social Media is far more than using the leading social media platforms. Hairdressers, Photographers, Architects and specialised shops should by now all use photo platforms as Pinterest and Flickr, as these work great for show casting your stock or portfolio.

Reputation Marketing in SEO SEM

With the rise of Google+ Local, previously called Google Places, in the Search Results for Local searches, your business’ reputation is playing ever increasing role in getting site visitors and converting them. The difference between a having a 3 star reputation and a 4 star reputation is an increase in business by 8-10%. Just doing Reputation Management no longer cuts it these days. Of course, it starts with building up a reputation to at least 4 stars after which it needs to be marketed aggressively to get the maximum increase in business possible. The “Fun” thing of it is that once a 4+ star reputation is marketed for a couple of months the amount of referrals to your business will do the marketing for you; all your business needs to worry about is keeping customers happy and be worthy of that reputation.

Search Engine Marketing future.

As searches and Search Engines become more and more socially integrated, the future of SEM will become more and more dependent on Social Media. Add to that the amount of Social Platforms fighting to become the next Facebook. The main problem that is already a situation at the moment for many business is knowing where to put the effort for maximum ROI.

Posted on Jun 10, 2013

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