SEO Web Design

What is SEO Web Design?

SEO web design is search engine optimisation from scratch. Usually, with the existing website, it is much harder for the involved SEO consultancy company to do the on page SEO. And as with every Google update on page SEO becomes more and more valuable, SEO Web Design gives the opportunity to build the website with full SEO optimisation straight away. It uses a clever website structure with a multitude of landing pages, each tweaked for a specific keyword, which will not only result in Faster Rankings but also better conversions.

The SEO Web Design Package

The core of this package is a proven website structure that helps to rank the website on Google without a single backlink. After the initial SEO brief, we sit down together to structure the content for your business website, to ensure it fits your business needs, and your clients.

Once the website is ready for launch (standard time for completion anywhere between 3-8 weeks depending on a number of pages), it may still require some SEO link building depending on a strength of the competition for the chosen keywords.

How to select a reliable web design company?

If you are looking for a Web Design and SEO company in London you might have a hard time picking one. There are so many ways to do web design, it is hard for a novice to see what will give you the best result. A good web designer should have plenty of marketing knowledge, and a couple of ways of checking this is:

1. Check if there is a compelling Call To Action on their own website. A good ‘Call To Action’ should be more than ‘phone now’, it should be a bridge bringing website visitors over to becoming business leads. Example for ‘Call To Action’ will be a free pdf guides, free advice or something else of a value for the website visitor.

Call To Action Button
a Visual attracting Button helps as well.

2. Look out for their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). It is covered in every chapter of business planning but often overlooked in online marketing, which is unfortunate as online marketing competition is more fierce than any other form of marketing. Ask yourself a question, what sets the web designer apart from the rest and does it fit with your requirements?

Once you have chosen a small number of web design companies, interview them and listen to the questions they ask. Are there any questions about ranking or the goal of your website? Do they plan on how the website visitors should be converted into leads? Do they write the content for you or do they just offer a CMS solution, (Content Management System such as WordPress) leaving you with doing the most crucial bit (such as content upload) on your own? Don’t forget to ask about a mobile website, mobile traffic on average is currently over 55%. Their package should include a mobile website optimisation, and the web design company themselves should have a mobile site version.

If you need SEO and web design together, whether it is because your current website is outdated or you are just starting out and would like a new website that ranks well in Google, make sure you do your homework on who best to pick. To make the selection process easier you can download the SEO web design checklist here.

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