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How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

The Goal of Search Engines is to provide to the best matching website to the search query. The words that make up a search query are call keywords. The most crucial thing to understand is that if a keyword is not mentioned once on your website, a search engine has a hard time determining that your website is relative to the query. For your business, it also matters a lot to target the right keyword. Most website already rank #1 on Google when the keyword is the name of their web site or their business name. Search Engine Optimisation starts with thorough keyword research to determine what keywords a business needs to aim for.

Check your page ranking

Make sure you are not logged into Google when searching for your keyword or if your browser allows it, open a new incognito window. And the next step is pure logic: search for your keyword and see on what page you see your site appears.

Keyword Research

The first tool to do keyword research is with the Google keyword Tool (just Google for “Google Keyword Tool”) here you can see how many searches there are on a monthly basis for a specific keyword, note that changing setting from Broad to Exact will create a better idea for what keywords you need to use in your website.

What to keyword to rank for?

The keyword research should help with this combined with some common sense. As you can understand a wedding photographer in South London would probably like to rank for “photographer” the issue with this is that if he would he would not be able to convert those visitors to clients as most people will not be local. So ranking for “wedding photographer London” would make more sense and he will be able to convert more of these visitors. An other thing to understand is that the amount of search you find for exact matches for a keyword in the keyword tool is just that, searches per month not people. With an industry as wedding photography you might expect that each individual might use the term more than once in a month and that the bride and groom to be search independently not even mentioning the best man and the rest… compared that to a search for “emergency dentist Richmond” which is probably done just once per possible client.

Local SEO expert London Google Keyword tool usage

Basic Local Keyword Research with the Google Keyword Tool

Are you popular?

An other important factor in improving your search engine ranking is the amount of other websites that point to yours. This is a sign for search engines that your site has some authority. Non paid Directory submission is probably the easiest way to start. The next step is actively commenting on blogs and forums, giving proper advice that is of value will send traffic to your site and if you can leave your website link it will gain trust with the search engines that your website is relative to your keywords.

The place to be on the search engine ranking

SEO Expert - Traffic by Rank

Who gets the clicks

Most people always talk about being on the first page of Google the fact is that the amount of traffic differs highly on where on that first page the website is. Number 1 gets about 42% of the traffic number 5 almost 5% and number 10 receives less than 3% and the whole of page two gets 10% combined. Understandably moving from 5th spot to the 4th will already mean an enormous jump in traffic. As the search engine ranking is also dependent on the SEO efforts of the competition there can never be a guarantee that a ranking will stick. Thus make sure to rank for a multitude of keywords for your website or even better ranking multiple web properties for the same keywords, nothing is more fun than competing with once self.

Posted on Jun 10, 2013