How to Keyword Research

How to Keyword Research

What are the most used search queries?

Keyword research is one of the most essential parts of SEO. It indicates to the SEO expert which terms will be easier to rank and the search volume for those keywords.

In this post we will show you how to find out the terms that people are searching for. The tool we use for this is part is Google AdWords. It requires an active spending account, though you do not need to spend more than £10 a month. If you already have an account with AdWords, we suggest to set up a different account for testing and SEO purposes to ensure you do not accidentally run ads.

Signup for AdWords here:

  1. Under tools in your account click on the Keyword Planner.keyword research with keyword planner
  2. In Keyword planner you can find related keywords, and the average search volume for those terms. All you need to start with is at least 1 search term/keyword.

find keywords


3. Click Get Ideas, and select keyword ideas to see the individual keywords and avg. monthly search volume for the chosen location (e.g. the UK). 

4. Below is a list of related keywords sorted by relevance. 

Note: You can add the keywords to your plan by clicking on add to plan. This will allow you to export all chosen keywords into an excel sheet at the end.

Related Keyword Ideas
Add to Plan

5. Download the chosen plan as an excel sheet.
Download keyword plan

6. The columns in the excel sheet that you need are: Keyword and Search volume. Column competition is related to AdWords and has nothing to do with SEO competition. Columns suggested bid price or Cost Per Click (CPC) can be helpful to determine if AdWords will be cheaper than SEO.
Note: The numbers Google gives are estimates. For example, keywords with an estimate of 10 searches a month can actually have a search volume over 100. Also, keywords with an avg. search volume of 1,000 can actually be just 500. Despite the limitation, this tool is by far the best of anything else available.