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What search queries are used the most?

Keyword research is one of the most important parts in SEO as it should find where rankings are easier and where people are searching for.
This post will be showing you how to know what people are searching for. The tool we use for this is part of Google AdWords and does require an account, but doesn’t require a active spending account. If you already have an account with AdWords I still suggest to setup a different one or use your standard Gmail account for testing and SEO purposes as this way you can not accidentally run ads you never planned on running.

singup for AdWords here:

Once in your account in tools you will find the Keyword Planner
keyword research with keyword planner

Here you can find related keywords and the average search volume known to Google all you need to start with is at least 1 search term/keyword.

find keywords


After you click Get Ideas you need to select keyword ideas to see the individual keywords , avg. monthly search volume for the selected location (UK for instance) and below that you will have a list of related keywords sorted by relevance. To help you organise things and save the whole keyword plan in an excel sheet you can add the keywords to your plan.

Related Keyword Ideas
Add to Plan

And after you are done you can then download this plan as an excel sheet.
Download keyword plan

The columns that matter are: Keyword and Search volume. The competiton is related to competition in AdWords and has nothing to do with SEO competition the Suggested bid price or Cost Per Click (CPC) can be handy to determine if AdWords will be cheaper than SEO later on so I would save that.

That is all to a quick introduction to finding what keywords have search volume. Do Remember that these numbers are also just estimates from Google and that keywords with an estimate of 10 search a month can have over 100 and search with avg. search volume of 1,000 can be close to half that. So it will still be something of an assumption but better than anything else out there.

Posted on Jan 29, 2015