SEO Audit

Before you pay to get SEO done on your site you might want to have an SEO Audit first. This free SEO Audit will be a manual analysis by me to give insight in what is possible, how strong the competition is and how strong your site currently is. This is the first step to SEO and there is No obligation what so ever.

Information needed

There are a couple of questions regarding past SEO practices. Knowing this helps me to dig deeper and check if there is a penalty on the site or not. One important one is ask if your site has lost rankings recently. This Rank Drop questions helps me to identify what Google update might have affected your rankings. In return I can asses what can be done to reverse the effect.

Selecting keywords

There is a certain art in selecting the right keywords, I know that and don’t expect non experts to master this skill. That said you might already know what keywords are important for you and work. If you do know what your most important keyword is then fill it in. The same holds true for the sub keywords. If you are not sure you can help me out by just showing some keyword suggestions in the big box and leave the others empty. This way I know how fixed you are on a specific keyword or if we move things around to target those with the highest possibility.

Your Rankings

The question any SEO Expert gets asked the most is how long does it take to rank for my keyword. The only good answer we can give is: where are you now? Moving from nowhere to first page requires a lot, most likely also a lot of on page optimisation. And to push a site from page 2 or 3 to page 1 is more strait forward. Thus for you it is important to know where your site is now, before I start this SEO Audit

Take time filling this in as correct information in this stage helps to create a better SEO audit and plan to rank you and helps to avoid disappointment later on.

SEO Audit form

Has SEO been done before on this site?

Has the site ever been on page one?

Has the site dropped in rankings in the last 18 months?