SEO Consultations

Want to know what Google is up to?

Google is constantly changing and if you want to know if your website is future secure or how to fix issues with your business website before you start your SEO journey, I suggest to have an SEO consultation. SEO consultation will help you to find out how healthy your website is if there are any issues (such as Google penalty) with the website ranking, and what is the best approach to fix any issues.

Are you being penalised by Google?

On average Google publishes 10 updates a week, most are just little tweaks to their search algorithm and some are bundled together in a big update. You might have heard of the Penguin, Panda and Pigeon updates/penalties. As a professional top SEO expert, it is not just my duty to stay on top of the latest changes, I also work hard to be few steps ahead of Google so that my clients never experience a negative effect from any of those updates. If you just had a drop in rankings and want to know what happened, and what to do for your website to reverse the damage, just fill in the form below for an SEO consultation and mention as many details on what happened as possible.

SEO Health Check

Want to know if your site is all that your web designers claimed it to be? An SEO health check will allow you to make adjustments early and get an idea of the scope of work needed. ON page and OFF page SEO factors will be discussed in detail.

What is in an SEO consultation?

A basic consultation starts with a detailed analysis of your business website (including an SEO health check), and your analysis of your business competition. The competition analysis is the first step to understand how tough your market for an SEO is.

SEO Consultation lasts anywhere between 3 to 4 hours and you will receive the following as part of an SEO consultation:

– Proposal for changes needed on your website (i.e. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and On page SEO)
– Examples of successful ads (Google AdWords) from your competition and a plan on how to outrank them in AdWords.
– List of keywords your competition is ranking for.
– Turbo charged SEO training (1-hour tailored SEO training, based on your business website needs)
– A booklet as a reference guide to SEO.
– And finally a detailed step by step action plan.

On average it takes about a week for a full SEO research before the SEO consultation session can take place.

Staff Training

If you have staff working in-house on SEO and you feel that the SEO techniques they are using might be outdated as they do not provide the required outcome. I offer SEO staff training that brings your staff up to speed with the latest techniques and tools. This training is bespoke to your business and website, and allows to shift your business to a whole new level.

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