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SEO optimization Tips

Before you start optimising your website it might be handy to know what search engines are trying to do. Search engines like Google try to bring to most relevant results up for any given search query. Most of the times they are spot on. Try and Google for “17 usd gbp” instead of a website appearing Google gives you the answer straight away. Now when looking for a “Plumber London” Google brings up websites that it things would match best with that query (keyword) the site with the strongest authority wins. As Google also recognises Plumber as a business and London as a Location it brings up Google + Local (previously Google Places). Out of 3000 plumbers listed it shows the 7 Plumbers it believes have the strongest authority, thus are the best match. SEO is about leaving a clear foot print for the search engines to find. So that they recognise that your website is the best place to be for a specific search query (keywords). In the following, you will get some simple to implement SEO tips on how to leave a clear and healthy foot print.

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Google SEO Tips

The specific tools and tips for and by Google that really help your SEO.
-aim for the right keywords: proper use of the Google Keyword tool. You can find the Google Keyword Tool by googleing for it. Initially an instrument to help with setting up AdWords campaigns it is the starting field of any good written SEO campaign as well. For SEO purposes you need to change the settings from broad to exact. As the numbers from a broad analysis will show the total amount of search related to similar keywords as well. In SEO we can only aim for a single phrase so we need to know exactly which one has the highest traffic.
-Google Webmaster tool: Use Google webmaster tools to help you create and submit a sitemap plus a robot.txt these files help the search engine crawlers to find all the pages on your website.
-use youTube: It is the second biggest search engine out there and video appears more and more in the search results. Make sure the title and description use the keywords.
-Google+ author link: You might have seen a picture appear next to a search result. These get clicked on far more than other links as the build more trust. This is done fairly simple. In the start or bottom of your article you need to include a link pointing to your Google+ account, a good reason to get one I would say, and on your Google+ account you need to link back to your website.
-Google Suggest is another great help to find more keywords. When you type in something in the search box you might have noticed Google is giving suggestions before you even finished, this is Google suggest and it is a great place to find alternative keywords for your SEO.

SEO Expert shows Google Instant

Google Instant can help with Keyword suggestions

Top SEO tips

-Content is king: Using the right text that leaves the clearest footprint help. You might have noticed the way Optimisation is written in the first header, strange for a UK based site to write a word in American spelling. The reason… there are far more searches for SEO optimization Tips then the British spelled version. And as this article is not directly meant to convert clients. Using different spelling to help more people world wide with some Top SEO tips. Of course the content needs to read nicely and not be spammy, but it does need to contain the right words to be picked up by the Google bots.
-bring value: When you give away massive value on your site there is a higher change it might be shared. Meaning more traffic that does not even come from the search engines and links to your site that builds up your sites authority.
-directory submission: The easiest way to add some links. Make sure that you do use the exact same address field structure in all of them and also place your address on your site, besides being a good guide to help people find your business it builds up a network of links proving what type of business you are.
-Your linking structure: When leaving a link on a website to your site make the text in that link to what your business is about (the actual keyword).
-html/css validated: Having a site with errors in its code does not help your site to show of your authority. It slows down browsers and is taking some part in the decision what site should rank higher.
-social linking: As internet is turning more and more social it is getting more and more important to be part of the social networks and make your site content linked to it plus make your content easy to share on social sites.
-add value to fora: This is the best way to create backlinks: When answering questions on a forum that is related to your industry you can expect traffic from that Forum and it leaves a backlink to be seen by the search engines. Make sure that what you give is of value and keep consistent with doing this and not just for 1 week.

Posted on Jun 10, 2013