SEO Trial Health Check

Thank you

Your application has been received and I will first check the SEO health of your website. The usual response rate is 48 hrs. If it takes longer feel free to contact me at 020 3322 4642.

Only if your site is found healthy enough to rank will I send you an email with further details to start the SEO trial. If your site shows signs of old SEO spam links, over optimisation, Google Penalties, or even a complete lack of backlinks I will have to call it unhealthy. I won’t leave you hanging there and will give best practices to overcome that situation .

In case you still wonder why I offer this deal, Let me explain. I believe very strongly in the benefits of being in front of people that search for your services. I often come across businesses that have tried SEO and simply used the wrong provider or the provider didn’t use sustainable SEO methods. To make sure businesses get trust in SEO again I have this no risk SEO approach. Taking away all the risk for the business and proving what I can do.