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Before we start

Great, your website: has been found healthy enough for the SEO Trial and I love to get started with it.
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I have selected the following keywordfor the trial:

If this keyword reaches page 1 before the Trial has been found succesful.

Link building and Google’s Policy

I like to be completly transparant with you and make you aware of the following:
This trial involves me building links to your site for the purpose of ranking higher in Google. Building links or having links build for the purpose of ranking higher in Google is against Google’s webmaster guidlines
and Google is constantly changing their algorithm to stops sites ranking that use spammy links, thin content and most
other things that are against these guidelines.
95% of SEO service is all about building links all of these links do violate of Google’s guidelines.
There is no such thing as a Whitehat backlink or a backlink that is in accordance to Google.
The Job of a SEO Expert is to use methods that work (increase ranking) and are currently below Google’s radar.
The real skill comes in play with predicting what technique might be at risk in the future. Currently the links
I use work and are very hard to detect as unnatural. If they would be detected it is unlikely that a site will be
penalised even so these links are fully in my control and can be deleted if needed.
You can read more about these guidlines here

the Pledge

As I want you to be fully aware of this and not just tick a box. I would like you to type the following text
into the box below.