No win No Fee Legal SEO

I get it. You want high rankings in Google and understand that guarantees can technically not be given. I like to match my services to how businesses do business themselves. Behold a No Win No Fee SEO service specialised for the legal industry. The only big difference is that SEO is an on going process so technically there is never a Win moment. With SEO being an ongoing process fees are more like a monthly subscription instead of a one time fee.

The solution is to offer you results before the monthly fee start. Giving you a result base SEO service aka No Win No Fee SEO.

There is a limit in the amount of businesses that can be served, plus I can’t take on direct competitors. (eg: I can only rank 1 client for “amputation claims London”). It comes on a first come first served basis.
The procedure:
1. Fill in the application form below.
2. I will check if your site is healthy or has been penalised.
3a. If not healthy I will inform you of what can be done, but for now the SEO service can not be used.
3b. If healthy I will ask for an initial one off £250 set-up fee that is refundable if no rankings of the agreed keywords have improved in 8 weeks time.
4. Once the SEO measures take effect (usually within 4-6 weeks) and rankings improve the monthly billing cycle starts.

This way I prove myself before you have to commit.

Contact me to find out how I can help