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Guaranteed SEO CANNOT be done

You probably saw before that I like to compare SEO with a race without a finish, and your current position in a race can be compared to a website ranking. Logically no SEO consultant can guarantee a ranking of a website as it depends on the competition efforts and on Google rule book (which keeps changing).

Though I understand that some businesses would still like a guarantee. For this reason, I have created a Zero Risk SEO service. This takes all of the risks of hiring an SEO Expert out of the equation.

The Risks of SEO

Some businesses would like to have an SEO consultant that would wave a magic wand and their business website would suddenly appear on page one of Google.

Let me be open and honest, and tell you that of course there are a couple of magic wands where SEO can be done quickly, however, they may violate Google’s terms of service (please note: any backlinks built for the reason of page-rank is against Google’s ToS). Of course, this will not stop a website from ranking higher. However, the risk of ranking while violating Google term’s of service is if Google’s algorithm changes will find a website is violating its terms that website might be blacklisted and de-indexed (i.e. a website will not show up in any search result anymore). That is why it is very important that anything that is built to your website is in an SEO expert’s control rather than they are not able to remove/change built backlinks since they are out of their control.

Another risk is paying for months to your Search Engine Optimisation specialist without getting the real result, wasting your time and money.

Zero Risk SEO explained

I understand that Zero Risk SEO might sound a bit hyped or even too good to be true. Please allow me to explain in more details how it works.

As a first step, after you completed your application form, I need to check if I am not already representing this type of business in your area (e.g.: I can only represent one Dentist in Richmond). If not, then I will do a marketing audit (free of charge) that will reveal the value of customers, a potential number of leads and website visitors.

Following the marketing audit, if it appears that Local SEO will work for this niche and location, I will build an entire new website optimised for your business and clients that will generate leads for your business. Then I will be working on ranking this website for relevant keywords that will generate traffic.

All contact forms, e-mails and phone calls that this website will generate will be then diverted to your business. After an agreed timeframe, we will discuss if leads generated from this website are of good quality, and if you would like to continue receiving them.

If Yes, we can set up a payment method which will be either ‘pay per lead’ or ‘website lease on a monthly basis’ (Payment type depends on the business type, and generally agreed during the marketing audit phase).
If No, there is no tie-in contract, we can just stop the agreement if you feel this does not benefit your business.

When Do You Pay for SEO?

You will pay only when the website is generating leads for your business and if you decide to continue after an agreed period of time. This means that you actually do not pay anything for SEO upfront and only when you start getting the leads coming in. This is why I call it Zero Risk.

Once I proved through Zero Risk SEO that website can be ranked on Google for your niche, we can, of course, discuss how to do the same for your business website(s), and for your Google My Business listing (Google+ Local listing; Google Maps; Google Places).

Adding your business website in a mix together with Google My Business will mean that your business will have 3 places on page one of Google. And if 3 places are not enough, I can help you with adding AdWords campaign management which will allow to build up to 5 web properties for your business on Google.

How long does it take to Rank?

On average it takes around 6-8 weeks to build and rank a website. It will depend on the size of the competition and complexity of the business niche.

Do note that at the beginning a website will be also exposed to what is called the Google shuffle. This is where a website ranking differs extremely from day to day. After the first two months, the ranking will start to stabilise. This, of course, will depend on the activity of the competition.

Sign up – There is no Risk

So, what are you waiting for? Complete the form below to start the Zero Risk SEO process. In the worst case scenario, if it does not work for you, the value of the marketing audit you will receive alone is over £350.

As I will need some data to be able to do the marketing audit and SEO analysis I want to reassure you that your company data will be used for this purpose only. If at the later stage you will not wish to continue or if your niche is too complex for Zero Risk website and I am unable to represent your business, your company data will be deleted.

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