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Hi I’m Jacques Vrolijk a Local SEO Expert providing London based businesses with a performance based SEO service. I understand you want to know what my SEO services would cost you. The thing is that depends on the amount of keywords you would like to rank for and the size and strength of the competition for those keywords. So instead of me working this out just to give you a quote: Let me show you where your site is failing you and more importantly why your competition is ranking so much better and what needs to be done to beat the competition and get high on page one of Google.

Let’s make you more Profit

Most likely you are looking for SEO to get higher ranking that should result in more traffic and when all is correct more leads which should result in more sales, am I right? That is one of the reasons why I focus more on the end results that I can deliver: Leads! Instead of only looking at increasing your rankings. Having a high ranking website in Google is a great asset and a good SEO specialist should be able to get you there, the only thing is that if your site is not optimised for conversion you are leaving money on the table or even worse.

Jacques Vrolijk your Local SEO expert London.

My name is Jacques Vrolijk and I am an expert in Local SEO and the Go To SEO for London based businesses. Being a serial entrepreneur my approach to SEO consulting is more of a combination of Business Coaching, Marketing Consulting and SEO combined aiming for the best ROI on your Marketing Budget.

Lead Generation & SEO

Most SEO services stop a ranking a website if they actually are able to do that. Most businesses are only after SEO because when done well you have more exposure which should means more traffic and when your website is set up correctly it should result in more leads. This is where things tend to go wrong: The website, with all respect to web designers (used to be one myself) most web designers and developers are after good looking and functioning websites. Marketing is not one of their strong points and making sure a website produces as much leads as possible is something that they usually know little about.
Getting a website ranked high in Google only makes sense if that website will actually result in more business. I offer High end SEO packages that make sure your site is optimised for generating leads or if your site has more purposes than lead generation separate Lead Generation sites can be set up.

Ways of Doing SEO

There are many ways of doing Search Engine Optimisation, some use dirty techniques that work really well, they just come with the risk that one day your site might be pushed down a few pages or even penalised by the search engines and get de-indexed, meaning it ends up on the search engines blacklist and no longer show in any result. Then there are evergreen ways of SEO some give quick results and some take a long time. When shopping around to find the right SEO Expert you need some basic knowledge of SEO. For this purpose I have a SEO start guide with a Check list that helps you to compare the Experts.

I Rank Before you Pay

An other Risk with SEO, and especially healthy content powered SEO is that some experts would have you believe it takes months before results can be expected. Resulting in wasted time, money and missed business opportunities. I like to prove my SEO skills before you hand over your money. As rankings can not be guaranteed (read on for more info) it is the only way an SEO can give some sort of comfort.

So what is Local SEO?

If you are Googleing for: “SEO expert London” then than shows you are looking to be served by a local company. Local Search Engine Optimisation is about attracting clients to businesses that serve their local community. And with the search engines providing different information for local searches than general search queries a successful Local SEO strategy is different from a Global SEO strategy. The most notable difference is with Google+ Local, the old Google Places. For instance if you are looking for an “Accountant in London” (SERP picture) the following result would show up.
Composed out of AdWords (PPC), the Google + Local listing and the Organic Search results. on average The Google + Local listing will receive most of the clicks. The result of this is that a focus on normal SEO will give a lower Return on Investment. Getting fewer visitors that are harder to convert. Combine SEO SEM, Local SEO and Reputation Marketing together and you are talking about (Search Engine Result Page) SERP Domination, Showing to prospects that your business is the business of choice and pushing competition from the first page.

Is your business selling Locally?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when looking for a SEO service as the off page SEO (link building) strategy is/should different. Especially when combining with more advanced services like reputation management you should know that the Search engines know where links and likes come from and the smart search engines like Google know there is no logic for a plumber in London to be used by someone in India? Even if your SEO expert is hiding behind a proxy (IP address cover that makes sites thing you call in from eg. Birmingham instead of Delhi) it still is tricky as the Search Engines know that these IP address are proxies and not real addresses.

Your Local SEO expert.

How Local should my Local SEO consultant be? It helps when your expert does not have to hide behind proxies and when they truly are Local. The Thing is the Google actually does not care that much if someone in Nottingham is talking about a business in London, in a American perspective, that is still Local. The thing where a Local expert really does help is the Local borough knowledge for the initial keyword research especially in a city the size of London. As a someone based in Isle of Dogs that is looking for a beauty salon might search for: Beauty Salon London, Beauty salon isle of dogs, Beauty Salon Tower of Hamlets, Beauty Salon Poplar or look on the map directly and skip Google search all together. A good UK based SEO specialist should at least have the knowledge of these difficulties as even with backlink building aiming for the right keywords is paramount.

Guaranteed page ranking, can it be done?

Who does not like a guarantee, right. That is why it is sold so often, just to lock in a sale. The thing with SEO is that there are only 10 spots on the first page in the organic search result and in most cases there are at least over 50 businesses that want to be on that first page. Some niches are highly competitive which results in a battle of the SEO’s . A race to the top in a marathon without a finish. How can anyone give a guarantee in a case like that? If it is a “pay after results” guarantee you might end up without paying and without results, or worse a desperate SEO’er might throw more dirty black hat techniques in the game just for the sake of ranking a site within 2 weeks so he can be paid, not caring if the site get slap by the search engines later on. If you have had bad experiences in the past with SEO and still would like something of a guarantee I do offer a package that is risk free called:Zero Risk SEO.

How to hire me as your SEO consultant.

Expecting you to shop around, to find an expert you are happy with, I have tried to make it as easy as possible to see if my approach to Search Engine Optimisation, the safest form out there, fits with you. Finding the right SEO for your business can be a difficult. That is why I have a downloadable pdf guide in which I explain my methods and it also comes with an nice check list to compare my skills and services with other SEO consultants.

Why no fixed pricing?

As every business is different and every niche has a different marketing budget, good SEO can not be a set service and thus can not have a set price. Competition comes in different weight classes the same is with marketing and SEO which can be compared with a marathon without a finish. Only after an SEO Audit enough data is gathered, to see what is needed to Rank a website and keep it in the top. Jacques is a big believer of win-win scenarios and makes sure to match the SEO services to a budget that is comfortable.

by Jacques Vrolijk

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